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Kids preparing for Paddlefest
Austin Boyd, front, and Tyler Keener use trimmers to clear an area near the VFW boat ramp into the Collins River. Paddlefest participants will exit the river at this location Saturday.
It was the inability to go swimming that got Kids of the Community members active with service projects.The kids didn’t have money for city pool admission, so they decided the next best thing was to get to work.“When we first started out, we didn’t have enough money to get into the pool,” said Kids of the Community director Barry Dishman. “Back then I talked to every city official there was and I just couldn’t seem to get anything done on the price. So here we are with a great pool and our kids are caught standing on the outside of the fence looking in.”Some 15 years later, Kids of the Community is still looking for funding to finance its summer and after-school programs.