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Kids of the Community settles in at new home
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Kids of the Community has officially moved into its building at 681 Cadillac Lane.
An open house was held Saturday to thank volunteers who have helped throughout the years with Kids of the Community projects.
Attendees were able to tour the facility and see the remodeling that has taken place. Kids of the community organizer Heather Luttrell said the building was donated to the organization in October by First National Bank.
 “We have remodeled the building and are still working on finishing up the kitchen. We are trying to decide which stove we want to purchase. Once we have the stove, we can start to build cabinets around the stove and finish things up,” said Luttrell.
A tree planting ceremony outside the building was held for Earth Day in dedication of their many volunteers.
Planting a tree honors the importance of what the tree will provide to the world through its lifetime. Trees take many years of growth to reach their version of adulthood, just like the children who are mentored through the Kids of the Community organization.
Kids of the Community take place in many community events with the children helping and giving back to the community which gives to them.
April 22 actually marked the 43rd Earth Day since its inception as a way to demonstrate support for a sustainable planet and to raise awareness for environmental issues.
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