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Kids cash in at Project Graduation
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There was bungee jumping and tables groaning with food, but there was little doubt about the most popular attraction at Project Graduation.
It was the money cube.
This inflatable cube provided a chance unlike any other, a chance to grab all the money you could clench in your fists and shove in your pockets during a hectic 5 seconds of profitability. Students had to have their names drawn to be fortunate enough to climb through the zipper of this grandiose realm and have cash flutter in front of their face.
“The cash cube was definitely their favorite,” said Project Graduation organizer Renee Cripps. “Eric Adamson got over $300 and was jumping up and down he was so excited."
Emily Scott grabbed a $100 bill on her way to collecting $140. There was $3,500 placed in the cash cube throughout the night.
Project Graduation is an all-night party aimed at giving students a safe place to celebrate following high school graduation. Doors open at the Civic Center at 10:30 p.m. Friday, and festivities end at 5 a.m. Saturday morning.
There were 254 seniors and about 100 of their guests in attendance. They were treated to boxing with giant gloves, an inflatable slide and obstacle course, card games, and other playful diversions.
Right at $74,000 was raised for the one-night extravaganza. Bonnaroo tickets, laptop computers and flat-screen TVs were among the items given away.