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Judge rules no bond for Alvarez
Locke says he poses flight risk
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Saying he posed a significant flight risk, General Sessions Judge Bill Locke revoked bond for the man who killed two people in a wreck and then fled the state, remaining at large for more than five years.
The defendant, Herlin Alvarez, 26, had his former $40,000 bond overturned by Judge Locke following a five-minute hearing Tuesday. He ordered him held at Warren County Jail without bond until his April 15 preliminary hearing.
Alvarez is charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving injury for the deaths of Samantha Roach, 42, and Lynn Bell, 42. They were killed when Alvarez’s truck collided with the motorcycle on which they were riding on Nashville Highway near Centertown.
Alvarez fled the scene and was spirited away to Atlanta by his brother and a friend. The brother and friend both did time for being accessories after the fact before they were deported back to their native Guatemala.
Alvarez remained at large for over five years until he was caught by U.S. Customs officials at Atlanta International Airport as he was trying to board a plane to Guatemala.
Since the crimes for which he is charged are Class E felonies, carrying one to two years in prison, his bond was set low by statute. However, District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis asked for the revocation of bond given Alvarez’s history of running from the law.
Alvarez’s court-appointed attorney, Bud Sharp, didn’t fight the request. He pointed out that immigration has a hold on his client anyway since he is an illegal alien. Even if he were to make bond on the leaving the scene charges, he would not be able to leave.
Alvarez, who was dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit and bound in shackles, was present but likely couldn’t understand what was being said. Sharp said Alvarez speaks little English and will need a court-approved interpreter for his preliminary hearing.
“Based on what I’ve heard, the risk of flight would be great,” Judge Locke said.