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Jordan caught stealing gas
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A man faces theft charges after he was caught red-handed stealing gas from a church van.
The suspect, Kerry Michael Jordan of Short Mountain Road is charged with theft and vandalism for his heist of gasoline from the Morrison Church of Christ van.
He was caught by sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Mike Vann as the officer was conducting a building check around 3:30 a.m.
“He walked from behind the building and I detected a strong odor of gasoline on his person,” Vann said, noting he soon found out the source of the gas smell. “The gas tank to the van was punctured and gas was leaking onto the ground.”
The deputy said he found two plastic cans under the van which Jordan was apparently using to steal the gas.
While the cost of the gas was not high, the damage Jordan caused to the gas tank by poking holes in it instead of using a hose to syphon out the gas was more than $500.