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Jones to be in court Tuesday
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As a result of the seizure and continued holding of 124 dogs at an emergency shelter, prosecutors are asking the court to order the 72-year-old woman who owns the animals to help pay for their continued care.In a motion to be heard Tuesday by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley, prosecutors are asking the court to order Wilma Jones to post a security bond to cover “reasonable expenses” for the continued care of the animals, which are being held at Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville.Prosecutors are also requesting if Jones does not make the secured payment, after 15 days the animals will automatically be forfeited and become eligible for adoption by the general public.Jones said yesterday she will not mount a legal challenge to keep the dogs, although she would like to have the dogs that stayed with her inside her house returned for companionship.“I would have forfeited the dogs while they were here,” said Jones, indicating she would have signed a waiver when law enforcement raided her home Tuesday, but they would not provide assurances her house dogs would be returned. “I tried to. They asked me to and I tried to.