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Jail rioters bound
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Eight Warren County Jail inmates want guards to prove they staged a riot at the facility, all eight bound to the grand jury Tuesday after an hour-long preliminary hearing.
Inmates Marty J. Cooper Jr., Norval Judkins Jr., and Joshua E. Neal have all been tagged as ring leaders in the two-hour riot at Warren County Jail. They have been bound on charges of inciting a riot.
Fellow inmates, Ronald Kloosterman, Michael Newby, Arlin W. Pinkard Jr., Ethan Price and John R. Simons have been accused of joining in the jail mob. All eight were bound to the grand jury Tuesday by Judge Bill Locke following preliminary hearing in General Sessions Court.
The inmates are charged with staging a riot where they threw trash and water through their cell doors, beat on their cell bars and loudly encouraged other inmates to join their civil disobedience. The inmates of C-Block were mad because recreational privileges had been taken away for violation of jail rules. They now remain on a state of lockdown at the jail due to the riot.
During the hearing, inmates, speaking through their eight separate lawyers, questioned how jail guards knew who was participating in the riot since the inmates were inside their cells. Testimony revealed the correctional officers recognized those refusing to submit to their orders. While not introduced as evidence during preliminary hearing, it is believed there may be video tape complete with audio that could perhaps link specific inmates in the crime. Jailers say there is a possibility, once the tape is examined, that more inmates might be charged with taking part in the riot.
The inmate uprising was squelched when tear gas was used to diffuse the situation. Their cases will likely not be heard by the grand jury until next month.