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Jail riot leads to more changes against inmates
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Eight Warren County Jail inmates face charges after they staged a riot inside the local facility, causing several hundred dollars in damage during their two-hour revolt.
Three inmates, Marty Cooper Jr., Norvel Judkins Jr., and Joshua Neal have been identified as the ring leaders and charged with inciting a riot.
Cooper is one of the few people to escape from the new jail, captured a week after his jail break, while Judkins is behind bars after trying to smuggle drugs into the jail this summer. Neal is serving time for taking his girlfriend hostage and having a meth lab at a local apartment complex.
Five other prisoners face charges for joining in their riot. They include John R. Simons, Ronald D. Kloosterman, Ethan Price, Arlin Pinkard Jr., and Michael S. Newby.
According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, the inmates were mad because their recreation privilege had been taken away for the day for violating jail rules.
“It was an uprising,” said Matheny, noting privileges are taken away from time to time when prisoners break rules.
Warrants against the men say the three charged with inciting the riot encouraged others to join them. The riot continued for over two hours in C-Block, prompting extra assistance.
“Some pepper spray took care of it,” Matheny said, noting most of the unruliness was coming from inmates who were still inside their cells.
Damage to the jail from the riot included some broken sprinkler heads, destruction of bedding materials, damage to a cell lock and throwing trash.
Matheny said many members of the group have been causing persistent issues and should be in state prison. However, due to limited bed space in the state prison system, they are left here to serve their time.
“We got to send 10 inmates to the state pen for the first time in almost a year recently,” Matheny said. “This is just something that happens in jails here and everywhere,” Matheny said of the riot.