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Jail inmate caught in razor wire
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A Warren County Jail inmate faces escape charges after he got hung in the razor wire while trying to break out of the facility.
The inmate, Edward Lynn Fults, 44, is charged with escape and will have a hearing this Tuesday before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.
His attempted escape came just days after a two-hour riot at the jail ended with officers having to seize control of C-Block using pepper spray to subdue some of the alleged rioters. The riot led to charges against eight inmates. They will also have a hearing before Judge Locke this Tuesday.
In the case of the attempted escape, correctional officer Scott Krofssik said he thought something was amiss when inmates were being louder than usual around 10:30 p.m.
“The jail inmates were being loud and acting suspiciously,” Krofssik said in his warrant against Fults. “So I decided to do a perimeter search.”
The jailer went walking around the exterior of the building to look for anything suspicious.
“When I came around the recreation yard, I saw him climbing the fence,” Krofssik recalled. “When he saw me he became hung in the wire fence.”
The suspect was subsequently recaptured and placed into another cell. A blanket was found on the fence suggesting he was going to use the blanket to assist him in crawling over the razor-wire-topped fence.
An investigation revealed Fults had removed a vent from his cell in B-Block and climbed through another vent before knocking out several wall blocks and entering the exercise yard.
There have been two successful escapes from the new jail since it was built nearly a decade ago. All escapees have been recaptured.