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Jaco given four days in jail for unlawfully seeing her children
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A woman who broke an order of protection to see her children will serve four days in jail, a good amount under what the judge said she will face next time if she disobeys the court’s order.The woman, Amanda Jaco was ordered to serve four days and then go for mental health counseling on charges of violating an order of protection and violation of probation.“What is it about an order of protection you don’t understand?” asked General Session Judge Larry Ross in hearing Jaco’s case.Jaco had been directed by the court not to go around the residence where her children were staying due to a prior brush with the law but she intentionally disregarded the order bringing her charges.“I just wanted to see my kids,” Jaco said of her breaking the order of protection. “I’ll never do it again.”Judge Ross explained to Jaco that the order of protection was there for a reason and that her crossing the line to see her children could have had dire consequences, especially during the holidays.“I could put in you in jail for six months and then you couldn’t see your kids at all,” Ross said, noting this would be her last chance. “If you so much as set your foot over there again you’ll serve the whole thing.”