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Intersection has two wrecks in six hours
Four hospitalized in crashes
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Two accidents six hours apart at the same downtown intersection sent four people to the hospital Monday.
The causes of both accidents were the same – a motorist running a red light heading downhill after passing the library at the intersection of Morford and Chancery streets.
The first of the wrecks happened around 1 p.m. Monday when a 2007 Focus driven by Michelle Roberts, 43, ran the red light coming from downtown and slammed into a 1997 S-10 Chevy pickup driven by David Swan, 56. The Swan truck was just crossing the intersection on Morford and was struck bumper to bumper by the Roberts car which was on Chancery. The impact sheered the bumpers of both vehicles and caused the Roberts vehicle to rotate an entire revolution.
Roberts was taken to River Park for treatment of noncritical injuries.
The second wreck, which happened in virtually the same spot just after sundown, sent three to the hospital. According to McMinnville Police Sgt. Kenneth Seagraves, Johnny Dyer ran the red light at Morford Street as he was going downhill toward the Strip on Chancery Street. His Chevy Silverado struck a Chevy Impala driven by Tamela Judd in the side as she entered the intersection on Morford Street.
The impact left Judd and two of her passengers, Casey Tolbert and Brandy Smartt, with injuries. Some of the injured had to be extricated from the wreckage before being transported to River Park.
Dyer, who was cited for running the red light and not having proof of insurance, told police his brakes failed when he tried to stop for the red light.