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Incident involving Bobo the Clown headed to grand jury
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Bobo the Clown has been bound to the grand jury on charges he assaulted two children during the Warren County A&L Fair.The clown, Terry Austin Tittle, 21, was bound to the grand jury on two counts of assault and one unrelated count of passing a worthless check.His charges come for his actions at the fair in September when he allegedly grabbed an 11-year-old boy by the throat while swatting away his 10-year-old brother when he came to his aid.According to reports, Tittle, who often plays Bobo the Clown, was helping at the clown dunking booth. The clown is known for his insults meant to prompt people to buy balls to throw at a target to try to dunk him. Several people play Bobo the Clown.On the evening in question, fair-goers had reportedly circled around behind the dunking booth and were throwing softballs directly at the clown.