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Illegal dumping costs county estimated $40K
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Warren County Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis estimates the county is losing over $40,000 a year due to out-of-county residents using Warren County’s convenience centers to dump their trash. Hillis reported his estimate to members of the county’s Health and Welfare Committee.Hillis had his workers tally how many out-of-county vehicles were using Warren County sites during the past month. Hillis visited the Campaign site himself last week and said of the first 10 vehicles which visited the convenience center last Thursday, three were from Van Buren County and one was from White County.According to his figures, approximately 9 tons of trash collected each week are from out-of-county residents.Multiply 9 tons by 52 weeks and that makes 468 tons per year of garbage Warren County collects from out-of-county residents.The county now pays a $43.43 per ton tipping fee, which amounts to $20,325.24 when multiplied by 468 tons of garbage.