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Hutchings airlifted after crash
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A woman was critically injured Monday morning when she pulled from a driveway in the Fairview community and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
The woman, Randi Hutchings, 26, was airlifted from Fairview Community Center by AirEvac helicopter to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga. The driver of the other vehicle, Johnnie Whitman, 72, of Beersheba Springs was treated for a broken sternum, broken nose and leg injuries at River Park Hospital.
According to Highway Patrolman Rodney Whiles, the wreck happened Monday morning near Fairview CIC on Beersheba Highway. The crash occurred only a couple hundred yards from the site of another bad wreck last Thursday.
An investigation of the Monday morning accident revealed Hutchins was leaving a home on Beersheba Highway and was trying to turn left on the highway when she pulled her 2004 Honda Accord into the path of Whitman’s oncoming 1999 Buick. The impact crushed the driver’s side of the Hutchings vehicle while Whitman’s car left the road and hit a utility pole.
Whitman was traveling home toward Beersheba, going away from McMinnville when the wreck happened. The driveway from which Whitman was pulling is in a sharp curve located just before the community center. Her field of view was hampered by the angle at which she was trying to pull from the driveway, while Whitman was not able to see her until the last second because the sharp curve obscured the driveway.
The resident of the house said he has requested the state to install a warning sign for the hidden driveway since it is located in a blind curve, but has yet to get his request answered.