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How much did D.A. spend on reelection
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Her narrow victory didn’t come cheap as incumbent District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis spent over $40,000 winning another eight years in office.


According to numbers from the Pre-General Election report filed by Zavogiannis, she spent a total of $40,823 in her successful reelection bid against Independent challenger Tim Pirtle. The numbers are still out on Pirtle whose Pre-General report, due two weeks ago, is still not posted online. He actually outspent Zavogiannis during the second quarter of reporting as he spent $19,250 during that period. It is still unknown what he spent down the stretch with last-minute mailers and campaign pitches.


Zavogiannis spent the lion’s share of the $11,578 she shelled out in the three weeks leading up to the Aug. 7 election on mailers. Her single biggest expenditure was to E. Allen Brafadon LLC for mail outs in the amount of $5,295. She also spent over $2,000 with the post office mailing the last-minute appeals to constituents in Warren and Van Buren counties.


Zavogiannis actually lost Warren County to Pirtle by a scant seven votes but won big in Van Buren County to cement her victory. Warren and Van Buren counties join to make up the 31st Judicial District for which she serves as D.A. She is the first district attorney to ever be reelected in the district.


While Pirtle’s numbers will not be complete until he files his Pre-General report, his campaign started months after the incumbent’s. Zavogiannis reported spending $15,017 in the first quarter of the year before Pirtle spent a dime. Zavogiannis ran unopposed and garnered the Democrat nomination. She was outspent by around $6,000 during the second quarter of the year once Pirtle launched his campaign immediately after the May primaries were completed. His spending numbers for the last reporting period will likely be similar to those by Zavogiannis during the days just before election since he also sent out a major mailer to voters. However, even with that, he will likely have been outspent overall by his incumbent opponent given her early entry into the race. There could also be other expenditures to be declared on later reports.


As for the money, most came out of Zavogiannis’ own pocket although she did receive some sizeable contributions. Included in those joining the thousand-dollar club just prior to election were Rex Ecoff of Fishers, Ind., and Carl Julian of McMinnville. Demetrios and Nick Lambidonis, and Chris Taylor and Susan Taylor, all of Woodbury, each contributed $1,500 to Zavogiannis’ campaign.


Over the life of the eight-year term, Zavogiannis will make $1.15 million, a level that is set by the state.