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Housing authority plans expansion
A deal is in the works for McMinnville Housing Authority to buy property near Spring Valley Road. Plans include building duplexes such as those at Griswold Terrace off Spring Street, pictured above.
McMinnville Housing Authority has an option to purchase property in the area of Spring Valley Road near the new four-lane to Woodbury, provided the property can be annexed into the city.“Yes, we do,” said McMinnville Housing Authority executive director Patricia Basham when asked if they have an option to purchase the land.In August, the city’s Regional Planning Commission met to consider two annexation requests: one from James B. Passons, who wants to annex 13.2 acres into the city as Commercial 2, and one from Donald Hillis, who wants to annex 22.36 acres into the city as Residential 2. The property involved in the purchase option is owned by Hillis.Basham says the property has to be annexed into the city, which is the first of many “hoops” that has to take place before the property can be a consideration for the Housing Authority.“We have more hoops than that we have to jump through,” Basham said. “It’s just that we can’t do it if it’s not annexed.