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Homes sought for abandoned puppies
Staff and volunteers at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center received a shock Friday morning when someone left a Great Pyrenees and eight puppies beside the front gate. A foster family has been contacted to care for them until a rescue group can be found.

The hunt is underway for the person responsible for abandoning a dog beside the gate of Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center on Friday morning.

Man’s best friend was left with eight puppies.

“She’s a Great Pyrenees,” said Animal Control officer Shelby Newman. “She wasn’t there when I came in at 8 a.m. I had a volunteer come in at about 9 and tell me that there’s a dog sleeping beside the gate. On my way up, another volunteer was walking toward me with her.” 

The puppies were left in a plastic container.

“It was supposed to rain,” said Newman. “If it had rained, that container could have filled with water and the puppies would have died. I can’t believe someone did that.” 

The dog appears to be approximately 1 year old and fits the breed description of having a white coat, while her puppies are less than 2 weeks old and are mostly dark in color. 

A pet foster family has been contacted in hopes of re-housing the dog and her puppies until they can be sent to a rescue group.

“They will be taken care of,” said Newman. “Guaranteed. She’s a young dog. By the way she’s acting, this is probably her first litter.” 

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is located at 169 Paws Trail. Anyone with information can call 507-3647.