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Homecoming parade brings uncertainty
The seniors used KISS for their homecoming float in this year's daytime parade.

Debate continues about whether students in Warren County Schools will be given football homecoming day off this coming year.
“We’ve tried it every way, even having the parade at night,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox during the Thursday night meeting of the Warren County Board of Education. “There has been some talk about participation possibly going up if school was out that day.”
At question is Warren County Homecoming, which includes a downtown parade before the home football game. The game could be held anytime between August and October since the date of homecoming has not been decided.
Along with the prospect of more participation if schools are out for homecoming, it was pointed out many students check out of school for the parade, thereby sidelining the educational process.
WCHS executive principal Jimmy Walker addressed the idea of a night parade and pep rally the night before homecoming. This would leave school in session and would not require students to check out. However, Walker said there's a downside to this plan because it would cost more for city manpower like police officers at night.
Cox said the options on the table are to leave things like they are and allow checkouts for the parade, try a night parade again after regular school hours, or dismiss school for the parade, either on a half-day or full-day basis. All of the options have been tried over the years.
The School Board hopes to make a decision at its next meeting.