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Home raid turns up drugs, gun
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A Yager Road couple faces charges after lawmen raided their home and found an alleged meth lab along with a bag of what is believed to be hallucinogenic mushrooms.
The suspects, Ralph Franklin Woodlee Jr. and Lori Malay, are both charged with possession of a controlled substance, specifically that being the bag of mushrooms lawmen found lying in their living room. Woodlee, who was bound to the grand jury on his charges Tuesday, faces even more charges including initiating the process to manufacture meth and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
The charges come after police showed up at their apartment with information meth was being manufactured there. During a subsequent search, officer Ben Cantrell reported finding a tool box on the side porch of the residence containing numerous items commonly used in the production of meth.
Specifically, officers found about 15 coffee filters which had white residue inside, a telltale sign of meth manufacture. They also found items like red phosphorous during their search. It was during their walk-through of the house they found the mushrooms in a bag. Police suspect the mushrooms were of the hallucinogenic variety which are used as a drug.
The firearms charge against Woodlee comes after officers found a 50-caliber muzzle loader in his bedroom closet. Woodlee has a past felony conviction for manufacture of meth in 2008, making it illegal for him to have possession of a firearm.