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Hobbs going to jail following pair of door incidents
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A man who slammed a door against an 11-month-old’s head in a fit of rage has been given a month in jail.
The man, Jason William Hobbs, 34, was ordered by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. His time will be served in addition to time he faces in Circuit Court on other, unrelated charges.
The first part of his charges come after an incident late last month where he was engrossed in a phone call with his estranged wife while he was in a residence at Asbury Apartments. He was so distracted by the heated call that he burst through the kitchen door inside the residence where the 11-month-old boy was standing.
“He shoved the door violently and the door hit (the child) in the head,” a witness said in the warrant against Hobbs. “The child had a large knot just behind his right ear. Hobbs did not show any remorse whatsoever.”
Instead, Hobbs continued his heated call after hitting the toddler with the door.
The following day Hobbs ended up at the door of the woman with whom he was arguing when he hit the child with the door. His estranged wife said Hobbs tried to kick in her door.
“I had to stand behind the door to brace it to keep him from kicking the door in,” the woman said, noting Hobbs was on the porch yelling something about wanting his hat back.
The woman said she feared for the safety of the small children who were in the residence, with one child being so scared from the attempted break-in she wet herself.