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Hit the highway
Road ready after years of work
New road 3
Monday was a historic day in Warren County as the long-awaited new four-lane to Woodbury finally opened for motorists. Pictured is a portion of the new road in the vicinity of the airport. - photo by Bill Stewart
The new four-lane to Woodbury is now open, linking Newtown with the top of the mountain in Cannon County in a 12.95-mile stretch of scenic highway eight years after the project began.The final barriers were removed at both ends early Monday afternoon and traffic was allowed to flow freely along what is now New Nashville Highway. Construction will continue on parts of the highway, mainly in transitions from connecting roads, but it is not expected to have a major impact on traffic flow.Sgt. Billy Prater of the Highway Patrol said troopers will be heavily patrolling the new stretch of highway.“We want motorists to watch their speed,” Prater said, noting the new straight road may encourage some drivers to get a lead foot.Motorist Roger Turner says he loves the new road after one trip Monday afternoon."It probably cut close to 10 minutes off my drive," said Turner, a truck driver. "It's a smooth road, even over the bridges.