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Hill seeks County Executive position
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I, David H. Hill, announce my candidacy for Warren County Executive. I will be a candidate in the Democratic Primary on May 6.
For the past 32 years, I have been an employee at Stewart’s Pharmacy. In that time I have sought to be committed to serving the customers of the pharmacy and to the person responsible for giving me that position.
I have sought to stand up for what I believe to be right for our community. As a candidate, I will remain true to my beliefs.
I believe that every governmental body should act responsibly in spending money taken from taxpayers. Government should not needlessly burden the people with excess taxes because of a failure to be responsible.
I will make no financial promises to any individual or groups for two reasons:
1. I believe it to be unethical to seek to influence voters by doing so.
2. Financial matters involving our county government are decisions to be made by the county commission as a whole.
I will neither seek nor accept any donation to my campaign that is offered with the expectation of influencing any decision I would make if elected.
I believe education has been and must continue to be a major focus of our county government. We live in a day where those in the workplace face increasing demands of skills. We must do all we can to ensure our young people receive the type of education that will prepare them for life as adults.
I believe that simply hoping jobs will appear in our community will not make it happen. By working with the Industrial Development Board we must seek to make Warren County a desirable location for employers.
We must have a work force that is willing to work. Beyond that, we need a work force that has been taught the skills necessary to meet the needs of an employer.
If elected as your county executive, my commitment will be to that office and to the people of Warren County. It will be a commitment to continue the good things accomplished in the past. But, to always seek better ways to benefit the people of our community for the future.
As county executive, I would have no desire to serve on any board that would interfere with the office I seek. Instead, I would seek to open doors of opportunity to those individuals who have shown a commitment and desire to be involved in our community.
My promise, if elected, is to always seek to make the right decision, to do so in the right way, and to do so for the right reason. That will be my commitment if the people place their trust in me as the next Warren County Executive.