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Hearing set for couple accused of carjacking
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A couple will face hearing next month for carjacking a Good Samaritan on Friday afternoon when the motorist took pity on a woman walking in the rain – only to be attacked by her and her husband.
Her attacker’s picture had appeared in the newspaper twice in a week. The suspect, Amber Lee Moser, 25, already faced charges for reportedly robbing a man after posing as a hitchhiker and getting him to drive her to a rural location.  She also faces charges for a dine-and-dash incident at J’s Restaurant she committed alongside her husband and partner in crime, Tyson Lee Moser, 30. Given her repeated violations, two committed while out on bond, Amber Moser is now held without bond at Warren County Jail.
The couple’s most recent crime happened Friday afternoon. According to McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara, a female motorist saw Mrs. Moser walking beside the road and stopped to offer her a ride.
“It was raining and Mrs. Moser was all wet so she took pity on her,” Mara said, noting the women did not see Mr. Moser until he jumped in the car along with his wife. “After that she was worried and was just hoping everything would turn out all right.”
The Mosers asked to be taken to Walmart. Mrs. Moser claimed she was pregnant trying to further give the woman a sob story.
However, when they reached the store parking lot, Amber Moser hit the Good Samaritan while her husband tried to pull her from the car. Police were called and the couple scurried away with the victim’s purse.
“We caught them about an hour and a half later in the same area of town,” Mara said noting deputies and police conducted a manhunt for the pair until they were located. “Mrs. Moser had changed her clothes and her hair style in that time trying to elude capture.”
For Mrs. Moser, the arrest washer third in about 10 days. She was first arrested for helping rob a man who had given her and a friend a ride. There are three other males wanted in connection to that robbery.
She and her husband were subsequently charged this past week when they ran from Three Star Mall without paying for their meal. An employee of J’s Restaurant identified Mrs. Moser from her picture which appeared in the Southern Standard detailing her involvement in the first robbery.
Both of the Mosers now stand charged with robbery, carjacking and assault for Friday’s incident. They both allegedly confessed to the robbery.
While the victim was able to fend off the couple and keep her car, Mara said things could have turned out a lot differently.
“A car is just property and can be replaced, a life can’t,” Mara said. “Had they been armed or desperate enough to seriously hurt someone, it could have turned out really badly.”
The bondsman for the couple has been relieved given their repeated crimes, meaning they will remain held until their preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on July 16.