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Health Department to get new lights
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The Warren County Health Department will soon become more energy efficient as county officials are planning to change the current outdated light fixtures in the building to T8 fixtures.
The county asked for bids to replace ceiling tiles and remove and replace light fixtures in designated parts of the health department, located at 1401 Sparta Street. Designated areas do not include the front entrance and waiting area which have recently been renovated.
Two pre-bid conferences were to be held before the bid was to be awarded. All bidders must have attended one of the pre-bid conferences in order to be eligible to submit a bid for consideration.
The lighting project will consist of the removal and replacement of 42 light fixtures and lights. Unless specified otherwise, all light fixtures are to be changed from the current size of 2 foot by 2 , to 2 foot by 4 foot size T8 four-bulb light fixtures.
Warren County will supply all lights.
Lights located in the five bathrooms will be included within the scope of work and must be replaced with combination light/ vent fixtures. Warren County will also supply these fixtures.
“Whoever installs the lights must have a license because they are going to have to get an electrical permit and it must be inspected,” said County Executive John Pelham.
If existing ductwork obstructs areas during installation of new fixtures, the contractor will be responsible for relocating light fixtures to accommodate existing ductwork.
The contractor will be responsible for clean-up of project area and removing and legally disposing all debris from the premises. All protective covers must be supplied by the contractor.
Contractor must be licensed, bonded and provide a certificate of liability and worker’s compensation insurance to Warren County.
All work must be completed within 60 days of bid award.