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Haywood jailed for selling pot
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A California man has been sentenced to 90 days in jail after he was busted here with five pounds of marijuana he admitted he was planning to sell.
The defendant, Robert Haywood III, 42, was directed to serve 90 days of a two-year sentence and pay $2,000 plus costs for possession of marijuana. Haywood, who was free on bond and was allowed to return home to California while waiting his day in court, voluntarily returned to Tennessee to face his jail time.
Haywood was busted with his large haul of marijuana when McMinnville Police detective Tony Jenkins showed up at his door on Cherokee Drive with a search warrant. While his place of residence is Lancaster, Calif., he was living at a home on Cherokee Drive at the time of the raid.
“I found 11 bags of marijuana weighing in excess of five pounds,” Jenkins said in his warrant against Haywood.
The marijuana was found in an open box in a rear bedroom. He did not deny ownership.
“He admitted the marijuana was his and he intended to sell it,” Jenkins said.