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Hat Day fundraiser helps WCHS student in need
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Students, faculty and staff at Warren County High School recently raised over $1,071 for fellow student Bryanna Morgan, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Bryanna is a 15-year-old freshman at the high school and is in the Life Skills classes of teachers Georgia Nunley, Loraine Glover and Sheri Garrett. The teachers decided to hold a three-day fundraiser to raise money for Bryanna’s family and the expenses they are incurring during her diagnosis and treatment.
“I know they are having to make several trips back and forth to Nashville. That is hard on anybody, but especially now with gas prices being so high. We thought we would try to raise some money for them. We are amazed at how much WCHS donated. They helped so much,” said Nunley.
“I think it is wonderful the high school gave so much and most don’t even know her,” said Glover.
Amanda Ferrell, Bryanna’s mother, was told of the donation via phone while she was at Vanderbilt with Bryanna.
“I am so overwhelmed. I have cried and cried ever since I heard what they were doing. We have been traveling every three weeks back and forth to Nashville. Bryanna also has developed other problems and has been in and out of the hospital,” Ferrell said.
Ferrell said Bryanna was having some sleep apnea in November. The doctor decided to remove her tonsils and adenoids to help. Bryanna developed an infection and she had a CT scan which doctors were hoping would help find where the infection was coming from. The CT scan showed a tumor in her sinus cavity.
Bryanna had developed an infection on her brain. She had a biopsy of the sinus cavity tumor Nov. 28. The tumor was indeed cancerous and surgery was performed to remove it. Ferrell said doctors were unable to remove all of the tumor and there is still some in the base of her daughter’s skull, as well as her sinus cavity.
Bryanna started chemotherapy seven weeks ago. She still has six rounds of chemo and 25 radiation treatments to finish. Ferrell said her daughter is experiencing some hearing loss, some diminished kidney function and has gone several days without eating possibly due to the chemo sores that have formed in her mouth.
“Bryanna is a strong little girl. She was born with Down Syndrome. She is such a light in our lives. Bryanna has touched a lot of people and continues to be an inspiration. She loves the Lord so much. I am so overwhelmed for what the teachers and students at the high school have done and I have to give God the glory. If it wasn’t for God putting compassion in people’s hearts, none of us could survive,” said Ferrell.