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Hardee's issue prompts move for zoning change
McMinnville officials expressed a desire for more leeway when it comes to zoning decisions in hopes of avoiding another situation like the one which doomed Hardees rezoning efforts in December.
A zoning change could be on the horizon as McMinnville officials attempt to construct a different barrier between commercial and residential areas, one that wasn’t there during the Hardee’s controversy in December.Alderman Everett Brock has had a discussion with Planning and Zoning director Nolan Ming about the need to consider changes to the city’s current zoning requirements in an effort to avoid a future situation like the one with Hardee’s.“I’ve talked with Nolan about this, the issue we got into with Hardee’s,” said Brock during a city Building and Grounds Committee meeting Tuesday night. “We really did not have a whole lot of leeway if we wanted something other than the type of fence, the wooden fence that is there. We might want to consider looking at modifying where you’ve got residential areas butting up against commercial areas.