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Haley's appointment of Haynes draws opposition
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McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley is once again being criticized for his appointment recommendations, this time for his recommendation to reappoint Sandra Haynes to the Industrial Development Board.“I have three vacancies on the Industrial Development Board and one that will become vacant as soon as I receive a letter of resignation,” said Haley. “I would like to make these appointments and reappointments to the board: Sandra Haynes will return as chair, Tommy Foster, and Brent Nunley to take the place of Mr. (Glenn) Moore who has retired from the board.”The mayor has the authority to recommend individuals to the board for its approval.Alderman Everett Brock was not in approval of reappointing Haynes.“I don’t have any problem with these people, other than the fact I thought we were going to appoint people who are from the city of McMinnville,” said Brock. “I like Sandra Haynes.