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Haley's appointment of Haynes draws opposition
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McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley is once again being criticized for his appointment recommendations, this time for his recommendation to reappoint Sandra Haynes to the Industrial Development Board.
“I have three vacancies on the Industrial Development Board and one that will become vacant as soon as I receive a letter of resignation,” said Haley. “I would like to make these appointments and reappointments to the board: Sandra Haynes will return as chair, Tommy Foster, and Brent Nunley to take the place of Mr. (Glenn) Moore who has retired from the board.”
The mayor has the authority to recommend individuals to the board for its approval.
Alderman Everett Brock was not in approval of reappointing Haynes.
“I don’t have any problem with these people, other than the fact I thought we were going to appoint people who are from the city of McMinnville,” said Brock. “I like Sandra Haynes. I think she’s a great person but she doesn’t live in the city of McMinnville.”
Consideration was given to residency, says Haley, but he went with stability of the board instead.
“I considered that, but there has to be a little bit of continuity on the board,” said Haley. “If I put four new members on the board, which is what that would have amounted to, it would have been hard for the board to have any continuity at all. If I had put these three, plus the one that will become vacant with the resignation of Mr. (Mark) Brown, that would have been four.”
IDB has 10 members. Of which, five are appointed by the city and five are appointed by the county. Rounding out the city’s representatives on the board is Gary Judkins.
“It wouldn’t have been four new members,” said Brock. “You have Tommy Foster going back on the board, and we’ve been waiting on a resignation of Mark Brown for a year and a half.”
Brown stopped attending IDB monthly meetings over a year and a half ago. His last meeting attended was in December 2013. Yet, he has not resigned.
Haley says he has a letter of resignation for Brown and once it’s signed, he can be replaced on the board.
In order to represent the city on the board, the individual must be a resident of the city or own property within it. Vice Mayor Ben Newman questioned if Haynes owns property.
“Yes,” said Haley. “She does. Mr. Foster does as well. Several pieces of property.”
“That’s not the point,” said Brock. “I’ve expressed my opinion that I thought we should appoint people who are living inside the city of McMinnville. I don’t care if they own property here or not. It’s a matter of whether they live here and have ties here other than owning property.”
In 2013, Haley was criticized by Alderman Mike Neal for recommending the reappointment of the same individuals to the McMinnville Electric System board. At that time, Haley recommended Jeff Golden be appointed to four more years bringing his total years on the board to 36. Neal attempted to prevent permanent members by setting term limits, but the measure failed. Golden was reappointed.
The board voted 5-1 to approve Haley’s recommendations to reappoint Haynes and Foster, as well as appoint Nunley. Haley, Newman, Neal and Aldermen Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner voted in favor. Brock voted against. Alderman Ryle Chastain was absent.
The county representatives on the IDB are Golden, Joe Pugh, Joe Hamby, Herschel Wells Jr., and Mike Millard.