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Hale does not admit burning house
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A man accused of trying to burn down his father’s house while his father was still inside has been sentenced to four years in prison on meth charges.
The son, Robert Dale Hale, 29, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to charges of manufacture of meth, delivery of drugs, and simple possession of drugs. He was directed to serve four years along with the balance of the probation he violated. The highest charge, that of aggravated arson, was dropped as a result of the plea agreement and lack of evidence regarding the arson charge.
The charges were leveled against Hale after the Bratten Street home of his father, Wayne Hale, caught on fire. The victim was able to escape the house before it was consumed by the flames and was found lying on his driveway maintaining his son and a friend started the blaze.
“The boys were trying to burn me out,” Wayne Hale reportedly told lawmen when they arrived at the scene of the blaze. He was taken for treatment of noncritical injuries sustained in the fire.
The reason for the alleged arson was never given as lawmen suspected the younger Hale used some kind of accelerant to start the fire and then fled the scene.
However, it was his prior bust with a meth lab which landed Hale in prison, a lab found inside another residence prior to the fire.
Specifically, both Hale and his friend, Sean McGuire, were found to be in possession of a meth lab inside a residence on Pioneer Haven Road. Lawmen say Hale was found in a garage at the residence and was in possession of a quarter-gram of meth along with a pipe used in smoking meth. The manufacture charges come because the men were found with jars full of clear liquid and other items believed to prove the process of making meth.