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Gunman robs Sonic at closing time
Getaway car described as green four-door
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What was at first thought to be a joke ended up being an actual robbery when a gunman walked into Sonic Drive-In and committed a heist on Super Bowl Sunday.“The guy walks through the back door with gun in hand and tells the manager to give him all the money,” said McMinnville Police detective Todd Rowland. “At first he thought it was a joke.”The robber, not taken seriously at first, became aggressive with his handgun and got in the manager’s face, convincing him the robbery was for real.“He again demanded their money,” Rowland said, noting this time the manager believed him and gave him the cash.The robber then darted out the back of the restaurant and ran behind Foodland Plus. He was seen getting into a green, four-door car which sped away down North Chancery Street.Witnesses say the robber was wearing a hoodie and bandana which hid his face.