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Gun owner stops home burglary
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A Beckridge man is being deemed a hero after he foiled the burglary of his neighbor’s house, holding one of the burglars at gunpoint until deputies arrived.“He’s a hero to me,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the man who he preferred not to identify.According to the sheriff, the man received a call during around 3:30 a.m. from his neighbor telling him someone was trying to break into her house.“She said she heard something moving around on her porch,” Matheny said. “When he came outside to investigate he saw someone trying to get into her house.”The neighbor, who was toting a shotgun when he ventured out into the darkness, ordered the suspect to the ground. The suspect complied while his wheelman sped off.“He held the one suspect until our officers arrived,” Matheny said.The man who he held at bay has been identified as Eric Michael Ridge, 38.