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Graves tries to smuggle cellphone
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A Warren County Jail inmate faces smuggling charges after he tried to slip a cellphone into the jail after court.
The inmate, Bobby Ray Graves Jr., 30, is charged with introduction of contraband into a penal institution.
Graves was charged after correctional officers at Warren County Jail received word one of the inmates being brought back from the courthouse was trying to slip in a cellphone.
“We lined up the inmates who had been taken to court that day for a search,” said corrections officer Jonathan Crouch in his warrant against Graves.
The officer said the inmates all denied having any contraband on them. However, after a search of the inmates, a cellphone was found in the lobby next to where Graves was standing. He was then taken aside for questioning.
“He wrote a statement that he stole the cellphone while he was at the courthouse,” Crouch revealed, the statement in essence a confession to trying to smuggle the phone into the institution where cellphones are forbidden.
Graves’ story about stealing the phone was somewhat seconded by another inmate who told correction officers he saw Graves pick up something from the railing at the courthouse. Given his statement, authorities are unsure if he stole the phone or if someone tried to leave the phone for Graves to pick up while he was at court.
Regardless, he is not charged with theft but only faces charges for trying to smuggle the phone into the jail.