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Graduates eye next step
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Around 400 smiling Warren County High School seniors crossed the stage Friday night at Nunley Stadium where they were provided their high school diploma, along with a handshake from Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale.Although the group followed the tradition of sneaking various inflatable items, including colorful beach balls and a couple of blow-up-dolls, into the event, Hale said he was pleased with the ceremonies after everything was said and done.“This was a good class, the kids were very polite as they came across the stage, very respectful, and I was very pleased with their conduct,” said Hale.A number of students gave Hale a hug as he handed them their diploma and he said he was humbled, and cheered, by that.“I appreciate their enthusiasm and show of affection,” said Hale. “Of course one of them was my nephew,” Hale added with a grin. “But I knew quite a few of the students and some of them hugged me, and I have to say, that’s great.