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Girl makes perfect score on standardized test
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Making straight A’s on a report card is something every good student strives to achieve, and quite a few manage to do it, but coming up with a perfect score in every subject on New York state’s version of the TCAP test is something most students only dream about.
But Perry, N.Y., resident Mia Rogers, the 10-year-old daughter of local resident Tim Rogers, did exactly that. Mia spends summers with her dad and great-grandparents, Ruth and Marcus Rogers, here in Warren County. So she found out about the accomplishment via a phone call from her mom, Lori, who told her about receiving her final report card and finding a note included which advised her of Mia’s performance on the state test.
“They sent my report card in the mail and she got a note that I did it,” Mia said, but mom didn’t tell her immediately about the state test, she had a little fun with Mia first. “She called me on the phone and said, in this disappointed sounding voice, ‘I got your report card today.’ And I thought, ‘Oh no.’”
But her mom eventually went on to tell her about the state test scores.
“Then she said ‘You got a perfect score out of all of those in New York state.’” Mia said. “And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s good.’”
And how did she accomplish this feat? “I studied hard and concentrated on the test.”
Mia said she didn’t really consider herself particularly good at taking tests.
“But after hearing about this, I guess I am,” she said. “It was kind of a surprise.”
Mia says she doesn’t make straight A’s all the time, but great-grandmother Ruth was quick to add, “Most of the time.”
Mia says the test wasn’t a breeze, but she felt pretty confident about her performance.
“Some of the questions were hard,” Mia said. “But most of them were easy.”
Mia says her favorite subject is social studies but she also likes science and math. She is also interested in art, and loves to draw.
Ruth says she is not that surprised about Mia’s success.
“I’m very proud of her,” she said. “From the time she was in second grade she was going down and helping teach the kindergarten kids to read. So she’s always done really well.”
Mia says she enjoys her time in McMinnville, but says it’s different from her hometown of Perry, N.Y.
“It’s kind of a change because my town is smaller than McMinnville,” Mia said. “McMinnville is about two times bigger than Perry.”
Ruth pointed out Perry only has two traffic lights.
Mia was born here, but when her parents divorced her mom, who is originally from New York state, moved back there, and that’s where Mia attends school.
Mia credits her teachers for her success on the test, noting she has been blessed with good ones.
“The most important thing is studying and listening to your teachers when they’re teaching you,” Mia said. “If you don’t, you’re not going to do well.”