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Girl makes perfect score on standardized test
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Making straight A’s on a report card is something every good student strives to achieve, and quite a few manage to do it, but coming up with a perfect score in every subject on New York state’s version of the TCAP test is something most students only dream about.But Perry, N.Y., resident Mia Rogers, the 10-year-old daughter of local resident Tim Rogers, did exactly that. Mia spends summers with her dad and great-grandparents, Ruth and Marcus Rogers, here in Warren County. So she found out about the accomplishment via a phone call from her mom, Lori, who told her about receiving her final report card and finding a note included which advised her of Mia’s performance on the state test.“They sent my report card in the mail and she got a note that I did it,” Mia said, but mom didn’t tell her immediately about the state test, she had a little fun with Mia first.