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Girl, 5, recovering after kick to head from horse
The 5-year-old who was kicked in the head by a horse is recovering and has returned to school. Pictured is Leah Graves Myers and her grandmother, Darlene Melton.

Leah Graves Myers, who was kicked in the head by a horse on Jan. 30, is expected to make a full recovery.
“People say miracles don’t happen anymore, but they do,” said Darlene Melton, Leah’s grandmother. “She’s our little miracle.”
The 5-year-old was playing in a field when she climbed through a fence into an area where horses are kept. One of the horses kicked her in the forehead. According to family members, Leah has been around horses her entire life and thought nothing about climbing through the fence to play with them.
She was airlifted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to stop the extensive amount of bleeding and to remove bone fragments from her brain.
“I was at work when I got the call from my husband,” said Melton. “He was so upset I couldn’t understand him. He was told she wouldn’t make it because she had stopped breathing. They worked on her all the way to Vanderbilt trying to keep her alive and she went right into surgery. We couldn’t see her. All we could do was pray. We stayed up all night and prayed.”
By Tuesday, Leah had regained consciousness and her first word was “Daddy” and she hugged him in her hospital room.
“It was wonderful to hear her say that,” said Melton. “They told us it might have affected her memory and there could be a chance she wouldn’t remember any of us. She knew everyone. She said a bad horse kicked her. The doctors prepared us for the worst, but she doesn’t seem to have any issues that we can tell. She was in the hospital about a week and she’s doing great. Other than the scars from surgery, you can’t tell anything happened. Prayers work. Everyone prayed and our prayers were answered.”
Leah says she’s happy to be back in school.
“My teacher is Ms. April. She’s really nice,” said Leah. “My best friend is Miley. We play and have lunch together.”
Her favorite after-school activities are coloring, playing with dolls, visiting with her grandmother, and playing with her younger brother and sister.