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Gibbs shot in head
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A man was shot in the head Monday night and lived to tell about it, well, at least he could if he wanted to.
Police say the victim, Christopher Gibbs, 36, isn’t talking when it comes to telling them who shot him in the head at close range at his home.
“When we arrived we found our victim had been shot in the head,” said McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland. “It went in the right eyebrow and came out at the hairline. It kind of raked his skull and came out.”
Rowland said the gunshot injury was not even the worst injury he sustained in what became his battle with four unidentified men at his home at Pinecrest Apartments.
“It appeared he may have been pistol whipped or hit in the head by something that laid him wide open,” Rowland said.
Police believe there was a struggle over the gun after Gibbs was shot with three other men joining in beating the victim. However, despite his obvious injuries, Gibbs refused medical treatment and refused to tell police who his assailants were.
What police do know is the incident happened near the doorway of Gibbs’ residence at Pinecrest Apartments around 7:30 p.m. Monday. They also believe the men arrived there in a silver Titan and a black Altima.
“We would like to talk to anyone who may have seen anything or anyone who knows someone who wanted to harm Mr. Gibbs,” Rowland said, noting anyone with information can call him at 473-3386.