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Fundraiser takes flight
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This was one fundraiser that had visitors watching like a hawk.
The event was held Saturday night for the Children’s Advocacy Center and featured eagles, hawks and owls.
The program was presented by Wings To Soar, a nonprofit organization from Trenton, Ga., and the refreshments were prepared and served by The Fraternal Order of Eagles. FOE is an international nonprofit organization with well over a century of history.
Presenters John Stokes and Dale Kernahan, who have been caring for and educating about birds for years, shared interesting facts about the birds, while walking through the audience to offer a closer observation. The origin of the bald eagle’s name, the audience was told, comes from an old English word “balde” which means white, as in white-headed eagle.
Some birds were allowed to take flight over the crowd.
“Several of the birds actually flew over us,” said attendee Mike Baus. “Some flew very low, I might add. We were warned not to look up with our mouths open as they passed.”
The eagle that was shown had been injured and was missing one wing. None of the birds were able to be returned to the wild for various reasons. Various videos of the birds were shown, the most notable being the bald eagle in flight.
Baus was allowed an up-close encounter.
“My personal highlight was when they asked for a volunteer, which is my middle name,” said Baus. “I was called on stage, fitted with a long, thick leather glove, and from the rear of the auditorium a vulture was released. It flew to my glove. It was not as large as those you see along the roads, but it looked like a 747 coming at me.”
After the program, individuals were allowed to ask questions and touch a small owl. The event was held at Warren County High School and admission was free. Refreshments were sold, with proceeds going to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center.
For more information about CAC and its services, call 507-2386. For more information about Wings to Soar or The Fraternal Order of Eagles, visit