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Fults sentenced for botched jail escape
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A man who came just a few feet from freedom in a botched jailbreak attempt has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.
The inmate, Edward Lynn Fults, 44, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to a list of charges including delivery of meth in a school zone, delivery of meth, vandalism and felony escape. His guilty pleas brought a violation of his probation on his prior conviction on the charge of initiating the process to manufacture meth. The new charges and his probation violation all combine for a total of 16 years.
Fults was being held on his multiple meth-trafficking counts when he attempted the daring nocturnal escape from Warren County Jail.
Officers say fellow inmates tried to help him in his escape by making noise late in the evening of the attempt escape. Their unusual behavior came just a couple days after a riot inside the jail, prompting correctional officers to suspect something was amiss.
The inmate behavior prompted correctional officer Scott Krofssik to conduct a walk around the perimeter of the jail looking for anything suspicious.
“When I came around the recreation yard, I saw him climbing the fence,” Krofssik recalled. “When he saw me he became hung in the wire fence.”
The suspect was subsequently recaptured and placed into another cell. A blanket was found on the fence suggesting he was going to use the blanket to assist him in crawling over the razor-wire fence.
An investigation of his cell revealed he had removed a vent in B-Block and climbed through another vent before knocking out several wall blocks and entering the exercise yard.
There have been two successful escapes from the new jail since it was built nearly a decade ago. However, all escapees have been recaptured.