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Full board to decide on adopting Sunnyside Heights
After much discussion, the full city board is set to decide if McMinnville will adopt Sunnyside Heights and make appropriate upgrades.

A proposed adoption of Sunnyside Heights by the city of McMinnville now lies in the hands of the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
The city Streets and Sanitation Committee met Tuesday for another update on the street’s fate and made the decision to send the measure to the full board for its consideration.
“This is something that’s been discussed several times in the last few months,” said Alderman Ryle Chastain, committee chair.
Consideration of adopting the pothole-riddled street in order to improve its condition began in October. Since that time, the history of the street has been under review by city attorney Tim Pirtle, who found that before the street was relocated it was a city street and called Daylight Street.
Per Pirtle’s information, the street was relocated for the construction of Shoney’s Inn to accommodate a parking lot and swimming pool in front of the building. Developers obtained permission from all affected property owners and agreed to construct the street to the city’s specifications for its later adoption. However, when it came time to dedicate the right of way property along the new street to the city of McMinnville and pave the way for adoption, two property owners refused.
“The only thing that remains is the rest of the landowners sign a deed dedicating the right of way to the city,” said Pirtle. “I am told every landowner has agreed to deed the right of way to the city.”
At the heart of the city’s dilemma is the street might have met the city’s specifications when first built by Shoney’s Inn developers, but it does not meet them now. The city requires a street to meet specifications before it is adopted and not after it’s in poor condition.
Chastain says the street’s condition isn’t going to improve without city intervention.
“The street’s condition is deplorable and has been for years,” said Chastain. “It’s not going to get any better. It’s only going to get worse. I think we are to the point now where we either need to do something about it or stop talking about it. I’ll entertain a motion to take this to the full board.”
The measure to send the measure to the full board for its consideration passed 2-1. Voting in favor were Chastain and Alderman Steve Harvey, while Alderman Jimmy Bonner voted against it.