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Frisbee golf course gains city approval
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McMinnville officials have approved the installation of a Frisbee golf course by Boy Scout Steven Laxton as his Eagle Scout project. They did question some of the details of the plan.
“I chose Pepper Branch Park as the location for the Frisbee golf course because of the location,” Laxton told members of the Parks and Recreation Committee. “It is good because you have the creek and the river right beside it. It’s a good location scenically and has enough space available.”
Frisbee golf is much like golf and goes by the same system of rules and names, such as par, hole, and tee. The difference between golf and Frisbee golf is a Frisbee is used instead of a golf ball and players throw the Frisbee at a basket rather than trying to sink a ball in a hole.
“We are going to sink the baskets in to 24 or 36 inches of concrete,” said Laxton. “That way, they won’t move around or be able to be tampered with so no one can take them out of the ground. We are going to make them as minimal maintenance as possible.”
Boy Scouts seeking Eagle Scout recognition must designate a service project that benefits the community. The scout must generate plans, obtain permission, find funding and volunteers, and oversee the project from beginning to end.
Estimated cost in material for the project is $1,964. All of the materials will be donated by local businesses. Services will be conducted by volunteers with no cost to the city.
Laxton presented officials with a map showing the course, which will include nine holes, each showing where players stand and where the Frisbee is to be thrown.
“I think this is a great idea,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman. “The only thing I can see is we don’t need to impede any of the traffic in and out of the water. If you look at hole four, it is going across that area.”
Among other concerns expressed by committee members: hole five is close to the river, hole nine has the player throwing the Frisbee in the direction of the road, and the permanency of the baskets being in the ground with concrete.
“We had discussed using the park for other things,” said Alderman Mike Neal. “I think if they were in a sleeve that locks, they can be lifted out and put back in, if needed.”
Laxton says he considered that but dismissed it out of safety concerns.
“If you use sleeves, part of that would be sticking out of the ground after the basket is removed,” he said. “People could trip on it, cut their toes on it, or lawn mowers might hit it. We thought it would be better to put them in permanently rather than to create a hazard.”
The plan was unanimously accepted with the caveat that McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord be given the plans for final approval.
“I suggest we approve this and hand it over to the McMinnville Parks and Recreation director to help rearrange the holes to make sure they are not in the way of other park activities,” said Newman.
No time was given for the project to begin. Once the project is finished, the city will install a sign making visitors to the park aware of the course.