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Free flu shots coming to schools
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With the flu cutting a swath through Warren County Schools in recent years, the Board of Education has decided to provide mass flu vaccinations this coming year for any student who wants one.
The flu epidemic has not only meant high absentee rates, which serve to interrupt instruction, but the schools have served as a gateway to infect the rest of the county.
“We know the flu can spread through the entire community through children,” said Warren County Schools director of nursing Sonya Walker in announcing the plan to the Board of Education.
Walker pointed out the free vaccination plan will not only help the students by keeping them in class instead of home and sick, but it will curb the spread of the annual flu plague throughout the community.
While flu vaccine, both by injection and mist, will be offered to the entire student population, it will be up to parents and guardians to sign off on the inoculations before they can be given.
The planned vaccinations will benefit thousands of students within the system if other counties are any indication. Putnam County (Cookeville) vaccinated 2,500 students this past year.
The vaccinations will be offered this fall at all Warren County schools. Permission slips will be sent out parents and guardians.