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Fore! Frisbee golf course complete
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Pepper Branch Park now has a Frisbee golf course. The undertaking, an Eagle Scout project by Steven Laxton of Troop 313, was completed Wednesday.
“I hope people use the course and enjoy it,” said Laxton. “It was a lot of hard work and to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen. The original cost for material was close to $2,000. I had a difficult time with fundraising.”
Frisbee golf is much like golf and goes by the same system of rules and names, such as par, hole, and tee. The difference between golf and Frisbee golf is a Frisbee is used instead of a golf ball and players throw the Frisbee at a basket rather than aim for a hole using a golf club.
The baskets, which are 55 inches tall and 27 inches wide, took up most of the cost. Laxton says he wanted to make the course nine holes so players could go around twice to make 18.
“When I realized how difficult it was going to be to do a nine-hole course, I decided to scale back to six holes,” he said. “The cost was reduced to about $1,200. When my fundraising efforts failed, I told my dad it wasn’t going to happen and I wouldn’t be completing my Eagle Scout project.”
Boy Scouts seeking Eagle Scout recognition must designate a service project that benefits the community. The scout must generate plans, obtain permission, find funding and volunteers, and oversee the project from beginning to end.
Lonnie Laxton, Steven’s father, was not willing to allow his son’s dream of becoming an Eagle Scout to end.
“I was a Boy Scout,” Lonnie said. “I didn’t complete my Eagle Scout project. At the time, I thought girls and cars were more important. I was determined my son would get his chance at becoming an Eagle Scout.”
Funds for the baskets came from Lonnie’s co-workers and his employer, Life Care in Lebanon.
Eagle Scout projects must be complete, as well as a board of review approval given, before the Boy Scout turns age 18. Laxton will turn 18 on Feb. 6.
“With the course complete, the project has to be approved by the city, my scout leader, the district leader and go before the board of review,” said Steven. “The next two weeks are going to be hectic, but I think I’m going to make it thanks to my dad and everyone that made a donation.”
Now that the project is complete, McMinnville Parks and Recreation will purchase and install a sign to make visitors to the park aware of the course and where each of the six holes begins and ends. Pepper Branch Park is located off S. Chancery Street near the dam.
“We will have to have the sign made so right off hand I don’t know when we will get it done,” said Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “We are also going to look into making score cards for players to use.”
As visitors enter the park, the first two holes are located to the right next to the stream and the remaining four holes are located to the left in the gazebo area.