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Flag flown from USS Pueblo survivor
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The American flag flown outside Superior Walls on Veterans Day is no ordinary flag.
It was a flag given to Sgt. Robert Chica, who was aboard the USS Pueblo when it was captured by North Koreans on Jan. 23, 1968.
“The story of how we acquired this flag is really incredible,” said Stacey Harvey of Superior Walls. “We were looking to buy a flag, but the only ones we could find were tiny flags 3 feet by 5 feet. So we started to look on the Internet and we found this flag on eBay. It was available, but it had one caveat. The person who bought it had to agree to fly it and that’s exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a large flag to fly.”
The USS Peublo is the only United States ship that has been captured and never returned. It remains in the custody of N. Korea. The capture led to an 11-month prisoner drama that was one of the major incidents of the Cold War.
The USS Peublo remains a commissioned vessel of the United States Navy.
Harvey says he is honored to have purchased the flag.
“To me, this represents Sgt. Chica’s life and it’s part of who he is,” said Harvey. “He was a POW and in recognizing his service, the United States gave him this flag. It’s something he’s held onto for over 40 years and it’s through eBay we were connected. We wanted to fly a flag and he wanted someone who would fly it.”