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Fisherman trapped by falling rocks
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A fisherman called for his own rescue Wednesday afternoon when he became trapped beneath an avalanche of falling rocks by the river bank.
The fisherman, Blake Moore, made a frantic call to 911 late Wednesday afternoon from the banks of the Barren Fork River where he was fishing.
“We have a man whose leg is trapped underneath rocks,” the 911 call declared, sending police and rescue units heading toward the Beersheba Street area. “He is not able to free himself.”
Moore was able to reach his cellphone after the freak accident befell him while he was fishing along beneath Beersheba Street Bridge. He was able to tell 911 his exact location so rescuers were able to zero in on him within minutes.
“He had stepped down onto a rock and that had caused some rocks up the bank to roll down and hit him, trapping his leg beneath them,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Kenneth Seagraves. “These were heavy rocks, probably weighing upwards of a hundred pounds apiece.”
Ambulance crews, police and first-responders were able to free the fisherman from his entrapment. He was taken by ambulance to River Park Hospital for treatment of leg injuries.