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Filming finished for TV segment
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Filming took place last week for the TV segment which will feature McMinnville.
Footage for “Today in America” with Terry Bradshaw was recorded around the city last week. McMinnville officials voted to spend $19,800 for the segment in June.
Jamieson Redd, a freelance photographer from Boca Raton, Fla., toured the city Wednesday and took video of several areas.
“Helping to promote your city through ‘Today in America’ felt good because of the wholesome way McMinnville comes across,” said Redd. “The values I sensed are similar to my values. I enjoyed working in the city of McMinnville.”
Redd, who had never been to McMinnville before, said the renovations of Main Street were nicely done.
“I liked the feel-good atmosphere of the whole area, but especially the quaint downtown area,” he said. “Main Street looked so clean and new. Being a first-time observer, whatever renovations that were done blended in nicely with the rest of the layout of the city. I felt a synergy there.”
Along with video on Main Street, shots were taken of nurseries, businesses and parks. Redd says he was drawn to the beauty of the parks.
“We took some video of Riverfront Park,” said Redd. “The greenway was impressive as it curved off into the distance, continuing on past where my camera shot could see. The river area there and the amenities made for a relaxed, healthy outdoor environment.”
Redd does considerable traveling in his freelance career. He says he understands why people want to live in McMinnville.
“As I travel a lot for my work and I would say McMinnville is a restful oasis of charm and livelihood,” he said. “I can see why one would want to live there.”
The video footage will take six to eight weeks for editing. McMinnville officials will get to review the finished product before Redd submits it to “Today in America” for approval.
Along with getting a copy of the finished video, the city also gets to select some of the areas of the country where it will air. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Cincinnati, Ohio, Baltimore, and Indianapolis were among those chosen.
Approximately 72 shots were taken, plus interviews. To learn more about Redd, visit For show information, visit