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Ferrigno discusses incredible role
Hulk the incredible

For nearly 40 years, Lou Ferrigno has been involved with the role of the Hulk from the Marvel universe. Since his original TV role on “The Incredible Hulk” beginning in 1978, he has continued to voice the role in nearly every movie and TV incarnation of the angry, green monster ever since.
The 63-year-old actor is in Tennessee this weekend to participate in the third Nashville Comic Con, presented by Wizard World at Music City Center. The event gives fans opportunities to meet and greet pop culture icons such as Ferrigno, Danny Trejo “Machete,” Jewel Staite “Firefly,” the “Dukes of Hazzard” trio of John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach, and many others.
Earlier in the year, Ferrigno was in London filming his latest project, “Instant Death,” a film that has stirred Ferrigno's enthusiasm.
“I like playing different characters,” says Ferrigno about the action film where he plays a special forces operative.
In recent years, his fame as an action star has made it possible for him to be involved with TV series such as “The King of Queens” and movies like “I Love You, Man” portraying himself.
 “It’s like instant gratification,” notes Ferrigno of his comedy roles. “I’d like to continue my life not just doing drama, but comedy too.”
When asked about any dream roles he would like to play, he continues to be drawn to action. “I would like to play an aging superhero,” he said.
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