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Fathers, daughters enjoy date night
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A special night for over 600 fathers and daughters was enjoyed with two events held Saturday night. The 16th Father/Daughter Date Night was held at McMinnville Civic Center, with 415 tickets sold for the event. A classy and elegant theme was chosen with the gymnasium walls covered with star-studded material, illuminated by three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.
Organizer Kathy Bouldin said, “We are so proud to be able to do this each year for the girls. We are very appreciative of all our sponsors, especially First National Bank, as they have been with us the entire time.”
Following a delicious meal and photography sessions, the girls can’t wait to get the music started and get out on the dance floor.
Friends Kensley Whiteaker and Zoye Henry were literally dancing in their seats anticipating the opening of the dance floor. They both agree the best part of the night is the dancing.
Larry Womack has brought daughter Anna to the event for eight years, enjoying each one of the dates.
“It’s just a special time for me to enjoy my daughter. She likes it, and I enjoy sharing it with her,” said Womack.
Across town at Covenant Academy a different type of decor sets the stage for their fourth event, with 199 tickets sold. Anyone who has a young daughter knows the “Fancy Nancy” books, where a feisty Nancy believes that more is always better when it comes to being fancy. From the top of her tiara down to her sparkly studded shoes, she knows a thing or two about being fancy. 
Covenant’s guest tables were certainly fancy, holding glowing lamps or candelabras surrounded by assorted decorative items fitting the theme, each different and special in their own right. A lovely focal point was a large pink Eiffel Tower with an iron settee surrounded by an umbrella and suitcase, evoking Nancy’s love for anything French.
The stage resembled a girl’s bedroom with a bed and dresser in assorted pastel colors. It was decorated in the Nancy way, complete with feather boas, beads, sunglasses, party hats and tiaras, just to name a few items completing the scene.
Guests for the first time, Steve and Anissa Basham had a wonderful time at the event, enjoying the meal and the fun surroundings.
“I have just been stunned to be a part of this night,” said Steve. “It is a special night that she will always remember.”
Anissa agreed, “I’m having fun, and I like to dance.” When asked about the dinner, she said, “It was delicious, I almost ate it all!”