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Famous actor adopts local dog
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The good fortune of one local animal has overshadowed the tragic struggles of another.
According to Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey, a hard-knock life is over for a local puppy that made its way into the home of actor Danny Pino, who portrays detective Nick Amaro in the long-running TV show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”
“We have some foster homes in Manchester that watch our Facebook page looking for cute puppies that might be adoptable up north,” said Pettrey. “There are several rescues up there. This puppy went to Rescue Dogs Rock New York City. They actually received a mom and her litter of puppies that came from here. Pino adopted one of the puppies.”
Warren County Animal Control works with several foster homes and rescue groups in an attempt to place its animals in good homes. Pettrey says this is the first animal she knows of that has made its way into the home a celebrity and she’s shocked at the response.
“This adoption has brought a lot of attention to our Facebook page,” she said. “The picture of Pino loving on his new puppy has 21,352 hits already. We put the picture and information up Monday.”
If there is a downside to the story, says Pettrey, it’s that people seem to be star struck by the actor and minimal attention has been given to a dog on the same Facebook page. It’s a 1-year-old chocolate lab mix named Rio that is being treated by a local veterinarian for a gunshot wound to the rear left leg.
“Rio’s picture and information are on there but he’s only received 989 hits. That’s sad,” Pettrey said. “I am really happy Danny Pino decided to adopt a puppy and it happened to be one of ours. I hope more people choose adoption over buying an animal. However, it’s sad to know this kind of cruelty doesn’t catch the same amount of attention as a TV star. It’s just sad to me.”
Rio’s condition came to light Saturday when the facility received a call about an injured dog on Brandywine Street. While it was originally assumed the injury was caused by a motor vehicle striking the dog, surgery by Dr. Sam Young discovered a 22-caliber bullet in the shattered lower part of the thigh bone.
Only time will tell if Rio gets to keep his leg.
“We just don’t know if the leg can be saved, but we are hoping,” said Pettrey.
If anyone has information regarding Rio’s situation, contact Warren County Animal Control at 507-3647. He will be up for adoption once his medical condition has been addressed.