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Family asks for prayers for girl, 4
Local 4-year-old on life support
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The family of a 4-year-old girl is asking for prayers as she fights a staph infection in her lungs at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.
Jasie Musick is on life support at Vanderbilt after becoming ill last weekend. Her mother, Brittany Musick, said she was a happy and energetic child just days before coming down with the flu and experiencing complications.
“It started with the flu and from there pneumonia set up,” said Brittany. “After that she got a staph infection in her lungs and now she’s on life support. It’s all so hard to believe how this hit so fast. I showed the doctors a video of her just days before she got sick and she was running around everywhere. We’re in here with several kids who were running around one minute and really sick the next.”
Brittany said when Jasie woke up with a 105-degree fever last Friday night, she took her to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with type A and B flu and Brittany was told to rotate between Tylenol and Motrine every three hours to reduce the fever.
Jasie returned to the emergency room later that weekend when the illness progressed and she was experiencing trouble breathing. Her condition worsened significantly between Monday night and Tuesday morning. That’s when she was taken to Vanderbilt.
“Right now we’re just asking for prayers,” said Brittany. “She’s hooked up to a machine that oxygenates her blood and puts it back in her body. Hopefully her lungs will get back to where they are working on their own.”
Brittany said Jasie is expected to remain in the hospital for weeks as she recovers. A Facebook site has been established called Prayers for Jasie where people can check on her condition and leave a message.