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Fake pee gets man six months
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Trying to cheat a drug test will cost a man six months in jail.
The probationer, Samuel Hillis, 27, was ordered by Judge Bill Locke to serve six months in jail for falsification of a drug test. He was also further directed to serve the balance of his former sentence for violation of probation – a violation that came for him cheating on his drug test.
The incident happened late last month when Hillis went to the probation office to take a required drug test. Like most drug tests, it was to be an analysis of his urine to see if he had taken any banned substances in violation of his probation agreement.
It was while he was providing the sample the probation officer caught him red-handed trying to pull a fast one.
“He falsified the test by using a sample from a plastic bottle taped to his groin area,” revealed probation officer Jeffery Bottoms, noting the probationer went to the trouble of placing the bottle inside a hand warmer to make sure the urine was at a proper temperature. It was assumed the urine Hillis was providing was not his own or at least had been preserved from a time when no drugs were in his system.
“He was confronted about the falsification and he produced the plastic bottle that was attached to his body,” Bottoms said.